Roma and Egjiptian Ministry


In many cities there are Roma and Egjiptian communities who are often not well thought of, have very low self-esteem, and generally have low education and very few opportunities for work. OM in Albania has worked with the Roma and Egjiptian community for over 17 years, focusing on sharing God's love with families through kids and youth work, Bible studies, house visits, material help and supporting educational development.

Since many from the Roma and Egjiptian community have come to know Jesus’ love and are going to church in the first town OM did this ministry, the Roma and Egjiptian Ministry has now moved to the coastal city of Vlora. In this third largest city in Albania where not much work is being done among the Roma and Egjiptian people, our vision is to share God’s love with this marginalized community and for them to discover their value, becoming an active part of the local church and telling the message of Jesus’ love to others.

We specifically want to continue doing house visits and to reach out to the children through a kids’ club and offering educational support, as well as focusing on building relationships with teenage boys and/or men.