Mobilising the church in Albania

We are passionate about motivating and equipping Albanian Christians to share God's love among the least reached in Albania and the rest of the world.


OM in Albania has a history of outreaches to cities and rural areas where no church exists. In the early 90’s, we began to plant churches in several cities in the western part of the country. We want to restore the focus of reaching areas where there are no or very few Jesus followers and to plant or help plant churches that will be a light in their communities. Our desire is to also develop the future workers and leaders of the church in Albania.

Albania is a small and mostly mountainous Balkan country in Eastern Europe, with a long Adriatic and Ionian coastline. We've worked in this beautiful nation since 1991.


More about Albania

  • Official language: Albanian
  • Population: roughly 2.9 million

State of the economy

Although much progress has since been made in raising living standards and renewing the infrastructure, Albania still has high unemployment and is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Traditionally a rural economy, many people have left the countryside to seek work in cities or in other neighboring countries or beyond. 

Religious make-up & state of the church

Officially, there is religious freedom in Albania after many years of imposing state beliefs and even declared atheism in the 1960s. Currently in Albania, only 0.6* per cent of the population are believed to be part of a community of Jesus followers with most of the churches being in bigger cities. The Albanian population has a Muslim majority of over 50 per cent,* and the next biggest religious affiliations are the Catholic and Orthodox churches. Many people nominally follow the religious traditions of their families and have yet to know Jesus personally. 


OM is committed to seeing a community of Jesus followers within reach of every person in the world.

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