In the Mobilisation department we are all about partnerships and networking. We love to connect people to opportunities and resources for active Prayer, Discipleship, Engagement, and Mobilisation itself. All this with the aim to build, encourage, and support vibrant communities of Jesus followers.

We want to do what we can to strengthen the local and global body of Christ and cheer others on as they do their part. We provide platforms for people to meet, exchange and support each other in the tasks that God lays before them.

We advocate that the Good News of Jesus Christ is to come to every context of today’s world. We desire for all people to get to know Jesus Christ personally and live in their God-given purpose in life. By believing that with Jesus Christ all things are possible, we want to see young and old encounter and live by the life-transforming reality of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God’s call, His mission and His purposes are what mobilise us, and motivate us to mobilise others.

We invite you to mobilise with us: For God’s Kingdom, for God’s glory, for God’s creation – through Jesus Christ.