We are a global community of Jesus followers, united to share God's love.

Jesus’ historical existence is a certainty. His unique character set Him apart and makes Him one of humankind's most significant figures even 2.000 years after His death.

We believe the Gospels are accurate accounts of Jesus’ life and death. That He was unjustly put to death, and that His self-sacrifice offers the opportunity of freedom to anyone who chooses to take it*. We believe Jesus was resurrected on the third day and now sits next to God in Heaven. 

We are people who have personally experienced God's active hand in our lives, today. His love has changed our lives and our hearts in ways beyond our imagination. We want to share that invaluable gift — which continues to work in us — with anyone open to hearing about it.

We love Belgium. This is a country full of richness, but our hearts ache when we realise that most Belgians have not experienced a relationship with God: a relationship with the One we are grateful for beyond words, the One who gives us the strength to live in this broken world.

We are here to share the heart of Jesus with people in Belgium, and this is how we’re doing it:


OM in Belgium is a branch of OM International, a non-profit organization established in the 1960s.

*If you would like to know more about this, we suggest reading the Gospel of John. You can always contact us if you would like to discuss it.