Team Member Building Bridges Linz

Is your heart beating for immigrants from mostly Muslim background?

Your Tasks (after individual consultation)

• Building relationships with immigrants

• Visiting immigrants

• Evangelistic outreaches

• Home Bible study groups

• Practical help

• Helping with integration

• Discipleship with interested immigrants

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Financial Development Manager

Do you want to enable people in Austria to be a part of God’s work in the world through their giving? Would you like to set up fundraising campaigns so people will be helped quickly and effectively?

Your Tasks:

• Fundraising campaigns to promote world-wide OM projects

• Organisation of events for partners

• Support and development of our online-giving platform

• Development and implementation of strategies to raise new partners

• Regularly maintaining contact to our partners

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People Care

Do you like to invest in people? Would you like to support members in their development and help them to reach their full potential?

Your tasks:

• Appraisals, debriefing, training advice as needed

• Advice and support in crisis and conflict situations

• Cooperation and exchange with other people care personnel worldwide

• Regular updates and announcements of emergency procedures, complaint procedure, child protection regulation

• Maintaining contact with personnel in-country and abroad

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Director of Ministry

Does your heat beat for mission?

Your tasks:

• Management and supervision of missional teams (i.e. migrant teams, church planting, outreaches in Austria)

• Networking with Christians and churches in Austria

• Close cooperation with the department heads

• Representing your area of responsibility in the leadership team and participation in the overall strategy and planning

• Lead personnel and further their development

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Office Assistent

Do you like administration and organising and thus support other services and members across departments?

Your tasks:

• Administration: post, updating of lists and schedules, office supplies, correspondence

• Event planning (prayer days, team retreat)

• Assistance with i.e. mailings, smaller projects, taking minutes

• Database management

• Telephone service

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Outreach Coordinator

Do you want to reach people in Austria with the gospel? Are you passionate about conveying a vision of Austria to people from home and abroad?

Your Tasks

• Planning and organization of evangelistic short-term missions in Austria

• Networking and cooperating with Austrian churches

• Supervising participants during the outreach

• Setting up the programme and logistical framework

• Publicizing outreach possibilities in churches and youth groups

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Church Planting Ministry Leader

Does your heart beat for church planting? Are you ready to invest your leadership skills talents for God's kingdom in Austria so that people are touched with the love of Jesus and new churches are started?

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Chief Operating Officer

Do you like to work with numbers and want resources to be used in the best possible way for God’s kingdom?

Your tasks:

• Leading administration (processes, structures, organization, optimization, development)

• Leading the finance, personnel and facility management

• Administrative implementation of the legal and financial framework

• Representing your area of responsibility in the leadership team, participation in strategy and planning

• Lead personnel and further their development

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Website Content Manager

Are you excited to encourage people through a website to actively work for God's mission? Do you enjoy creatively designing and developing a website?

Your tasks:

• Support and development of our web presence

• Active and creative design of the content in consultation with the affected personnel

• Carrying out maintenance work and security updates

• Troubleshooting

• Designing high-performance campaigns in close cooperation with the social media manager

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Church Relations & Mobilization Manager

Do you want to challenge individuals and churches in Austria to become part of God 's global action?

Your tasks:

• Networking with Christians and churches in Austria

• Development and implementation of strategies for partnerships with churches

• Proactive planning and implementation of events and ministries in churches, youth groups and house groups

• Presentation of OM's work at conferences in Austria

• Preparation and implementation of events for international OM presentation teams

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