Meet our global board members

Zenaida Maramara

Global board

Zenet Maramara, a dynamic woman from the Philippines, has multiple master’s degrees in journalism, Christian education, divinity, an M.B.A. in Biblical Stewardship and Christian management as well as D.Min. in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from Bakke Graduate University in the USA. 

She served as a board member of OM in the Philippines from 2017-2021 and joined the OM Global Board in 2018. Besides her work with OM, Zenet serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Asian Theological Seminary, after retiring as a full-time faculty and directing their MBA programme and Strategic Leader Development Center. 

Zenet is the founding president of Christian Stewardship Association and a founding board of the Christian Council for Transparency and Accountability. She is on the board of Global Trust Partners, a spin off from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) international work. 

She is co-founder and chairman of Christians in Conservation, an A Rocha Associated Project, a creation care NGO. For two decades, she has been advancing the teaching and practice of a faithful steward in all areas of life. She advocates a simple and minimalist lifestyle not only to help the planet but to enjoy the world, unencumbered by its material trappings.