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Relief & Development

We are the presence and voice of Jesus among the poor and marginalised.

Large portions of our global societies are plagued by tragedies created by both natural disasters and human injustice. Many live in the shadows of inescapable geographical or geopolitical oppression.

In the face of poverty and injustice, Catalytic Ministries seek to work in partnership with local communities of Jesus followers.

Poverty is more than just an absence of money; it’s also broken relationships. Focusing on empowering women, improving health, caring for children at risk, equipping the next generation and responding to crisis, we facilitate the restoration of relationships: with self, neighbour and – most importantly – Jesus.

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Loving the Marginalized in Albania


Explore these opportunities to impact marginalised peoples with one of our teams around the world.

Compassion in action


Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Children and individuals with disabilities are some of the most marginalised in many communities and are often hidden away. Catalytic Ministries coordinate with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) CBR strategies and in-line with the Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to change that, while most importantly, communicating the respect and love that Jesus had for people with disabilities and their families.

Women's Empowerment

Women’s empowerment groups are groups of women from the poorest of the poor, from Kazakhstan to Cambodia to Sudan. Some of our women’s empowerment groups are using the self-help approach principles that each woman is created in the image of God, that every woman has gifts and abilities and that together the women are very strong. The goal of Women’s Empowerment groups is the social, economic and spiritual transformation of families and communities, instigated by the women themselves.

Sustainable Agriculture

From growing vegetables at 45° C (113° F) near the Dead Sea and designing spaces for all types of crops to flourish, Catalyt ic Ministries partner with agriculturalists and engineers to develop sustainable sources of food and income for local communities.

Community Health

Individuals who are marginalised or living below the poverty line are more likely to have ill health, and those with poor health are more likely to be marginalised or living below the poverty line. To break this cycle and help people care for their own bodies and those of their families, Catalytic operates programmes based on evidence-based health decisions and overcoming reliance on folk medicine.

In particular, maternal and child health plays a major role in building trust within communities. In Central Asia, we’ve seen a tangible reduction of maternal mortality due to our work, and other topics, such as HIV and STDs, are more discussed among male migrant workers and their families. As a nurse, midwife or doctor, our workers are saving lives with well-planned health lessons in villages and regions that have never seen a Jesus follower.

woman holding produce
“People asked me what I had done wrong, why my family had been cursed — but through you, I have learnt that God loves me.”

—Mother of a child with disabilities, ministered to by Catalytic Ministries

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