BLOG: Holding on with open hands

RJ discusses how serving in missions teaches us not to hold on too tightly to anything.

I can't sleep unless my fingers are wrapped around something. In bed, that means a pillow; in the car, it's the seatbelt; sitting in a chair, I clasp my hands together. In order to feel secure enough to succumb to slumber, I have to be holding on to something. 

Over the years, I've developed a talent for sleeping pretty much anywhere. From bustling airports to sitting at a desk, lying on the ground to in a chair at the dentist, there only has to be one thing in order for me to sleep: something to hold on to.

It's the same with life, isn't it? Holding on to something creates a sense of power, of being in control. That at any given moment, you could let go if you chose to, it's just that you don't see a need to. Not only objects. People, places, a number on a bank statement, a lifestyle - there are many things one can hold tight. Not necessarily bad things, yet not the right thing either. 

Because after a while, the things held so dear can grow hands to hold you back. Except their grasp is not gentle and does not take kindly to sharing your attention. It's no longer you that holds them close, it is they that clasps you tight. Instead of looking to God for direction, affirmation, answers, love, etc, you look to them. 

I'm learning how to hold on with open hands. What He gives, I will receive with gladness, all the while remembering that I am here on Earth for His purposes and to glorify His name.

He may entrust me with much or entrust me with little. Regardless, I am to be a good steward and do what He asks me to. I don't need a car or an apartment or the newest iPhone or (fill in the blank).

I just need the Lord.

He is more than enough. He is the rock to which I cling. He is a strong tower.

All the things of this world can pass through my open hands, for they are not where my strength comes from.

I will hold on to the cross, even if the world wants to nail me to it.

I will hold on to the truth of Scripture, because I know He does not lie. 

I will hold on to the promises He made, because I know He will keep them.

I will hold on to the light, even when darkness tries to creep inside.

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