Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia :: Arione Miguel (Curaçao) shares his personal story with inmates as crew visit a prison.

God can’t be locked in

Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia :: Crewmembers visit Saint Lucia's main prison to encourage the inmates.

Crewmembers had the opportunity to visit Bordelais Correctional Facility, Saint Lucia’s main prison, to encourage inmates, bring literature and share hope with them.

Corrections Director Hilary Herman told the team, “What Logos Hope brings to our institution is hope. The inmates appreciated your sense of service, the pride you portray – inmates like that. In our quest to change their offending behaviour, these are some of the key traits that they need to learn and so the inmates really, really appreciate you being part of this and we look forward to a longer-term partnership with Logos Hope.”

The ship’s male volunteers, who visited the men’s wing, gave a talk about choices in life and invited inmates to choose the peace and freedom that can be found through faith in God, regardless of personal circumstances. The message resonated with the prisoners, many of whom are serving lifelong sentences.

In the female unit, the Logos Hope volunteers shared their personal stories with the inmates and read the Bible together. Joyce Wan (United Kingdom) says, “One of the ladies shared how she learnt she can receive forgiveness and peace. This was so encouraging and I really hope that each one of them would know that!”

Taiwan Malindzisa (Eswatini – formerly Swaziland) says, “One prisoner told me that she was involved in bad things, so she deserves to be here and that it would be for her best and that she felt that God would going to use this time.” The woman said that she didn’t even know how to pray until she was put into a cell with a believer, whom she eventually followed and now they always pray together. Taiwan was amazed at how God is working, even behind bars.

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