Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Children living in temporary shelters after a volcano eruption receive gifts of donated Bibles and educational books.

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Logos Hope's crew gives Bibles to children and adults living in temporary shelters after the island's volcano erupted.

Thousands of people who had to flee their homes in Saint Vincent’s ‘red zone’ after the La Soufrière volcano eruption have spent the last two months sheltering in temporary accommodation – often former school buildings – across the island. As families adapt to this new situation of living alongside strangers in confined spaces and come to terms with ash ruining their property, Logos Hope’s crewmembers have been visiting the shelters to entertain the children, connect with the adults and offer encouragement and hope.

Thanks to generous donations of more than 3,000 Bibles, the displaced children and their parents received their own copy of God’s Word as volunteers from Logos Hope brought the gifts and explained more about Jesus.

David Frisby (United Kingdom) says, “After we shared the story of the Prodigal Son with the children, we gave them their own Bibles, suited to their age groups, as well as hygiene packs and Bibles to the adults. The children looked very happy to receive their Bibles and immediately sat down to read them and look at the pictures. The adults were also eager to receive one of the donated Bibles so that they could open the Word and spend time with God.”

Tobias Müller (Germany) feels it is important to hear the gospel at a young age: “Now that I am a grown-up, I can see how much of an impact it had on my life to have a personal relationship with Jesus since childhood and I am really thankful for that. My most important desire now is to reach children, to tell them about Jesus’ love for them as early as possible. We have planted some seeds in the hearts of the children. Growing them is up to God.”

Another of the ship’s volunteers shares, “We don’t want to be people who visit, play some games and leave. We want to leave something with the families that has the potential to change their lives. We taught the kids ‘Jesus never stops loving me’ in sign language so that they remember – whatever has happened in their life or whatever may happen – they are loved by Jesus; no matter the circumstances. Now that they have their own Bibles, they can read more about the love of God and build their life on the foundation of His love.”

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