Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Ship volunteers present a programme for families staying at a temporary shelter after volcanic ash caused them to flee their homes.

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Crewmembers share a message about God and receive one in return while visiting a shelter.

Each week, Logos Hope’s volunteer crewmembers have a scheduled day out from their regular duties to go ashore to connect with local people.

Taiwan Malindzisa (Swaziland) went with a team to a school that is being used as a temporary shelter for those who had to flee their homes during the island’s volcanic eruptions. She and her fellow team members prepared a message about God to encourage the children and grown-ups living there to read the Word of God.

The team asked the adults to form one group and the children, another. Taiwan took care of the children; reading Bible stories, colouring and playing games. One woman decided to stay with her children. She engaged in the activities and seemed to find therm enjoyable.

After the programme ended and a crewmember closed in prayer, the woman approached her and shared: “I went to the church close to this shelter yesterday because people from your ship were testing eyesight and handing out glasses for free. I had glasses before but I couldn’t use them anymore as I needed stronger lenses and my eyesight was really bad. I have been waiting for a while for new glasses because I can’t afford to buy them, and yesterday when I went to the Logos Hope outreach, God answered my prayers. He gave me free glasses.”

The woman explained that she is a farmer and is struggling financially. She has been unable to move her five cows out of the ‘red zone’ which was covered in ash after the volcano. She had to leave her home and come to stay at the shelter.

Taiwan says, “Despite all the problems and challenges she has had to face, she is still joyful, has a heart of gratitude and was so thankful about the help she got from Logos Hope. We went to the shelter to share the message about trusting in God’s provision and faithfulness, and we did that, but God also had a message for us: He is faithful. He answers prayers. And he can do amazing things through us when we let Him use our lives. It was amazing to listen to this woman’s story and to see how God can use the ministry to change other people’s lives.”

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