Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Crew welcoming the first visitor to Logos Hope's bookfair after 16 months of closure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Logos Hope is receiving visitors again - subject to limited numbers and social distancing.

Logos Hope’s world-famous bookfair is back in action, after the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of the onboard attraction in March 2020. Crew are glad to provide Vincentians with quality discount literature and the experience of being on board this unique vessel, after 16 months of the gangways being silent.

Visitors are asked to follow social distance and hygiene protocols, and the vessel can only accept limited numbers of people at one time.  

Shoppers can choose from a range of Christian and educational books, Bibles, cookbooks, and activity and colouring resources for children. 

Max Albornoz (Argentina) worked the last shift before the book ship closed to the public last March in Kingston, Jamaica. He says, “I was working the morning that we went into lockdown. To be able to welcome visitors on board again now feels completely unreal. I'm very excited to see what God has prepared for us in the coming months.”

Jai-Len Williams was surprised when she came to Kingstown's cruise ship terminal to buy books from the temporary bookstall crew had set up in the open air. She was told that the bookfair on board had just been permitted to open instead, and rushed straight to the ship. Jai-Len says, “It’s so awesome and I feel so blessed that I am your first visitor. I was a volunteer on board in 2009 and I visited the ship in 2019, and now you are finally open again. I am super happy!”

Visitor Engagement department head, John Benn (South Africa), welcomed Jai-Len personally with a welcome gift of a priority pass, which allows her to enter the ship without queuing and gives a 20 percent discount on purchases.

Fiyah King (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), who served on board from 2018-2020 along with David Begeer (Netherlands), visited to reconnect with their friends. The couple met on Logos Hope and are now preparing for their wedding. Fiyah says, “I felt very nostalgic coming on board again. Although a lot has changed as the ship had to adapt to the new way of living with COVID-19, Bibles are still available and crewmembers are still excited to share about their lives. Most importantly, the hope is still there as the gospel can be spread in any circumstances.”

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