Operation FIL2019

The Lorient Interceltic Festival. From 28th July to 11th August 2019

This internationally-known annual festival has taken place in the city of Lorient since 1971. It attracts 700,000 festival goers to celebrate the Celtic culture. From the start of August, the city welcomes nearly 4,500 artists and musicians not just from Brittany but from the whole world. Those participating in Operation FIL2019 will undergo a week’s training, in preparation for a second week devoted to practical involvement. Among those taking part will be musicians, and those seeking to establish relationships with the festival goers.

The musicians will be recruited by OM France and OM Heart Sound International (OM HSI)They’ll be coming not just from Brittany but globally, to take part directly or indirectly in music and songs appropriate for the transmission of the gospel. The goal is to offer a high-quality training program to participants to allow them to put together one, two, or three songs that they’ll be able to perform, alongside more instrumental Celtic pieces. The musicians will perform in the festival zone, as well as in the city centre, or be sent out to perform in organised private and public concerts, in the homes of church members or in numerous other suitable areas.

Following the example of what the team learned during the evangelism week during the Route du Rhum 2018 team members will communicate the Gospel clearly by initiating encounters in the crowds and amongst the spectators. This will be to establish links, but especially to help partnering local churches (particularly those in the centre and south around Lorient) reach those never exposed to the gospel, as well as their own unbelieving friends.

In this diverse cultural, festive and activist melting–pot, the desire is to show to the world a clear as well as relevant vision of the international body of Jesus- Christ.

The team wants to see the message of Christ shine in the darkest places. Will you join us? For more information, contact: paul.dixon@om.org

Support these plans to present Christ in Brittany by making a gift to OM France, destined for “Project Brittany”.

The needs are endless: needs related to this summer’s Interceltic Festival; financial needs for the funding of Operation Lighthouse; needs connected with the support of people like Gaetan; needs to cover travel costs linked to these key activities. If you live anywhere other than France, please contact your national OM office.

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