GPS as a guide

“Lost in wonder at His greatness, I marvelled at the beauty of God’s creation as the car wound its way down a narrow country lane. Then I suddenly realised that not ONLY was I lost in wonder, I was also lost altogether! How had it all gone wrong?” thought Paul. “No satnav! It’s not that I didn’t have one in the car, it’s just that I chose not to use it. And that got me thinking about how similar, in some ways, a satnav is to the Bible!”

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France map

A map of France with routes marked.

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Where Is The Lord Leading You?

What path is God leading you down? This path leads to an old abandoned barn in the Cantal Region of France. This region known for its cheese and loving rolling hills and mountains is one of the least reached portions of France.

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Planning for Distribution in Cantal

Every home in St. Flour, France received a gospel of Luke with the help of MSD. Pictured are the team leader from OM France and a team member planning for a long day of distribution in the city center and surrounding areas.

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Every Letter Box

A team of 11 individuals from six countries took on the challenge of distributing the gospel of Luke and an invitation to the local church to every home in Saint-Flour, France in six days.

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Funny Cantal Group Photo

The full group of team members on the Cantal Unreached Outreach in France.

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Unreached Outreach Group Photo

France Transform Team poses for a group photo on their final debrief day in the Cantal Region of France.

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Pastor and Child

An American pastor, living in Bort, France, takes time to guide and encourage a child of the small congregation.

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This American pastor took a chance several years ago to move his family to a tiny town in France. He is the only evangelical pastor for miles, where he teaches every Sunday and evangelizes to the small town of Bort

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Young Parisian

Adopted and brought to Paris aged nine, she speaks Spanish with a French accent and French with a Spanish accent. This young woman of God is a light to the world.

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