Change Then. Change Now.

The Bible is full of people who experienced transformation upon meeting Jesus.

Through Him, the blind gained their sight, the paralysed got up and walked. He even called people back from the dead.

Jesus’ miracles are not limited to the pages of the Bible, though. He is transforming lives today and inviting people like Nigel, Catea, Ahmet, Samuel as well as you and me to be a part of His plan to reach the nations.

There are billions of people who don’t yet know Christ’s love, but that, too, can change through Jesus. He is using His followers around the world to touch people’s lives by offering them the hope, love, joy and peace only found in Him.

Be a part of the change.


Here are just some of the ways your gift can make a life-changing difference:


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Discovering more about Jesus

Provide Bibles, teaching aids and other resources to help new believers grow in faith.

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Training and support

Help local Jesus followers share the good news of God's love in their own community.

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Meeting essential needs

Distribute food packages and meet practical needs in Christ's name.

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Supporting workers in crisis situations

Provide support for workers facing hardships, persecution and extreme conditions.

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Together, we can mobilise and equip more Jesus followers around the world—like Samuel, Nigel, Catea and Ahmet—to share the transformational love of Christ where He is not yet known.


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Free Advent Resources

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Advent Calendar

Download our free advent calendar today and join us as we see how Jesus has changed the lives of people just like you and me. Each week we will look at one Bible passage and six stories of Jesus followers from all over the world. Complete a challenge every day that relates to what you read—after all, the transformational love of Christ is too good to keep to yourself.


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YouTube playlists

Listen to our YouTube playlists, compiled by Inspiro Arts Alliance and the Logos Hope team, with Christmas songs from around the world focussing on Jesus, who changes everything.


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Colouring Pages

Download free colouring pages for children or adults to colour as you read aloud and talk about each week’s stories.


"The Word gave LIFE to everything that was created, and his life brought LIGHT to everyone."

JOHN 1:4 (NLT)

Stories of Transformation

How Will you be changed?

Enjoy these stories of God's life-changing power and be inspired to share His love this season.

illustration for "Samuel's outreach" story

Meet Samuel

Serving amidst suffering

When his country in South Asia was hit particularly hard by the second wave of the coronavirus, Samuel* and other Jesus followers started reaching out to people in their community, offering prayer and, in some cases, food relief packages. "The Lord blessed that," he said. "We saw new fellowships forming. In all of our lives, we have never shared the gospel with so many people."


illustration for "Ahmet's anchor" story

Meet Ahmet

An amazing spiritual journey

Ahmet* grew up in a small Turkish village. From a young age, he remembers pondering the purpose of life and having a spirit that “was always like a restless boat without an anchor.” Years later, while living in South Africa, Ahmet met Jesus followers for the first time and asked them to take him to church.


illustration for "Catea's example" story

Meet Catea

Sent back home to love the unloved

A small church in Moldova recently started delivering warm meals to elderly people in the community. Driven by another member of the church, Catea is the one who delivers the food to ten people five days a week. Initially, the recipients were sceptical – wondering if the meals were really free and how long they would last. But having Catea visit reliably each week has built up trust and started relationships.


illustration for "Nigel's choice" story

Meet Nigel

From chains to hope

Though Nigel, from South Africa, stopped going to church at a young age, his family never stopped reminding him that he needed Jesus. "They didn't just speak the gospel to me, but they lived it out for me. They had peace, joy and love," Nigel said. Years later, Nigel’s brother helped lead him back to God and, from that moment on, Nigel was a changed man.


*Names changed to protect identity.