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Three billion people around the world have never been invited to receive the gift of Jesus. This Christmas, you can partner with OM to give the Greatest Gift of all. Give today to help believers across the globe invite those who have never heard the gospel to follow Jesus!

God gave us the Greatest Gift we could ever receive in the form of a tiny baby in a manger. That baby was His Son, given for us so that you and I might be reconciled to Him. Through Jesus, we are invited to know God and walk in relationship with Him. We also have the responsibility to share this gift with others.

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The Greatest Gift - OM Christmas 2022 (4.15)

Free gifts for you!

Jesus followers around the world are sharing good gifts with their communities. Click on the links to download your free Christmas gifts!

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The Gift of Invitation

Jared* invites Muslims to learn about what Christians really believe.
Open your gift of gift tags

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The Gift of Local Leadership

Hanitra in Madagascar raises local leaders to share the gospel in their community.
Open Your Gift: Access to an online training course

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The Gift of Practical Aid

OM has walked alongside our Ukrainian brothers and sisters since the beginning of the war.
Open Your Gift: A recipe from Ukraine

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The Gift of Business

Jo employs trafficking survivors in South Asia.
Open Your Gift: Christmas letterhead

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The Gift of a Garden

Jesse and Andrea run a community garden in Montenegro.
Open Your Gift: A garden themed colouring sheet

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The Gift of Sports

Abu lives out Christ’s love on the football field in Tanzania.
Open Your Gift: Instructions for a game from Zimbabwe

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The Gift of Training

Lamia* in North Africa passes on the training she has received.
Open Your Gift: Access to an online training course

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The Gift of Language

Rafael* and Nadia* share God’s love in the Holy Land.
Open Your Gift: A gift sheet - Merry Christmas in many languages

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The Gift of Dance

Justin leads Freestyle Dance Ministry in Australia.
Open Your Gift: A cultural dance from the Caucasus region

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The Gift of Literature

Saajan* spreads the gospel to remote places in his home country.
Open Your Gift: A book from George Verwer

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The Gift of Education

Johnny* oversees schools in the poorest parts of Bangladesh.
Open Your Gift: A tracing sheet Bible verse

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The Gifts of Knowledge, Help, and Hope

Pastor Moses* trains young leaders in West Africa with materials provided by OM Ships.
Open Your Gift: Mobile phone backgrounds from the OM Ship Ministry

TeenStreet Europe, the youth event that mobilises teenagers was held in ‘s-Hergotenbosch in the Netherlands from July 30 to August 5, 2022. Teenagers sharing God’s love at an outreach in the city of ‘s-Hergotenbosch. Photo by Jean-Marcel Möller.

Give to OM this Christmas to help Jesus followers around the world invite others to receive the Greatest Gift of all! Here are some of the ways your gift makes an impact::


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Bibles, teaching aids and other resources

help new believers grow in their faith!


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Training and discipleship

empower local Jesus followers who are spreading the gospel in their own communities!

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Food packages and practical aid

support those most in need of assistance!


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Crisis support

helps Jesus followers facing persecution and hardship!



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"For to us a child is born; to us a son is given."