Vlorë, Albania :: Katie enjoys a laugh with another crewmember during time in the city

No better place

Logos Hope :: Katie (USA) shares her story of her time on board Logos Hope.

“I believe that the hope we share with people is so much greater than the knowledge shared through the bookfair or the help shared when we donate water purifiers and engage in eyeglass distribution programmes.”


Growing up, Katie’s (USA) family raised her to know God and to read His word. “I am so grateful for my parents, family, and home church for the way they taught and shaped me by the Word of God. I chose to follow God when I was four years old, but grew more in my understanding of God‘s work, and what it means for me and for the world, as I spent time learning more about God in His Word.“


Her family also supported workers and Katie was impressed by the workers’ lives, which seemed full of adventure and purpose. Katie was moved to share God’s love with others, “not because I wanted a life of adventure, but because I had to spend my life sharing God’s love with people who’ve never heard.”


Now seeking to serve God in her own way, Katie and her husband, Eric, prayed about where and how they were to serve God. “We read about the ministry of Logos Hope and that's how we decided to join the ship.”


Katie and Eric joined Logos Hope’s crew in February 2021. “Leaving your family, your home, your culture, everything, to go to a ship full of people from everywhere is a scary thing. But the ship community is very welcoming. People are from different backgrounds, different experiences, but all in one place. A community of 400 people sounds big, but you get to know people quickly and they become very close.”


The ship also encourages professional and leadership development. “After a year, I became the business services department head, leading the finance, business and travel teams. We handle the onboard income and expenses, administration work and travel for people leaving the ship. The first team I led included people from Brazil, Japan, Germany and China,” Katie explains. “I've learnt so much about leadership and professionalism through leading people from many different parts of the world and observing different styles of leadership. On board, you live with people who don't all think the same way. Seeing new ways of thinking, through different cultures and more experienced people, has grown me and changed me.”


But Logos Hope isn’t all work and no play. “There are many things to do. My husband and I play games with people in the dining room or staff lounge. I love reading, so I like the library on board. And we're always visiting interesting countries, so we enjoy going out, learning about the local people and experiencing what each port has to offer.”


For Katie, the importance of the Ship Ministry, and her part in it, is clear. “We know our goal is to share knowledge, help and hope. But it can’t happen without all of us working together. The bookfair shares knowledge by selling books, but without finance behind it, there wouldn't be a bookfair. Without people to clean the ship, we couldn’t have guests on board. Without the kitchen team, we wouldn’t have food to eat. We are all needed for this ministry to function effectively.”


The Ship Ministry is the perfect place to grow. If you want to learn about other cultures, other people’s thought patterns, and serving in different regions, then there's really no better place than on a ship with other like-minded people.” Are YOU ready for something new? Then we need YOU! Apply to join the Ship Ministry.

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