Ships :: a new crewmember joins OM's Ship Ministry

Ships :: You're ready to join OM's Ship Ministry, but you have no idea what to pack! This article contains recommendations from current crewmembers to help you stress less about packing your bags.

Packing is never an easy task, but with these crewmember recommendations you’ll be as prepared as you can be to join OM’s Ship Ministry.


You may be provided with a uniform for your job, but pack plenty of well-labelled, casual clothes for different seasons. Edrei (Mexico) recommends, “Bring one jacket for cold weather.”

Sofia (Argentina) suggests that women “Bring long skirts and a head scarf to be culturally appropriate in some regions.”

Bring at least one ‘Sunday best’ outfit for services on board and on shore, as well as a pair of smart, black trousers for serving during events.

There are different community events that have a formal dress code. Formal shoes and evening dress or suit are best for these occasions.  Chacko (India) also recommends bringing “Your country’s traditional dress”, which can be used for many events.

Bare feet aren’t allowed for health and safety reasons. Multiple crewmembers wish they’d brought slippers or house shoes to walk around in on board.


Universal adaptors are a must! Colin (USA) said, “Bring more adaptors than you think you need.” Adaptors are necessary for devices that have different types of power plugs than the sockets on board and on shore in different countries.

Bring hard drives or large storage memory sticks filled with your favourite photos and videos, and all your important documents. You’ll also need plenty of space for all the photos and videos you’ll collect on board.

Don’t forget your headphones and a speaker. Sometimes you’ll need privacy to take a call, whereas other occasions may require you to pump up the volume. Download your music before arriving so you can listen to it offline.


When you’re far from home, you may miss things you never expected, including food. Many crewmembers say they would pack less clothes to make room familiar foods. For Chris (USA) snacks from home are important, whereas Joan (India) misses the spice mixes he’s used to.


Bring your national flag. You’ll use it a lot. Quality ear plugs and an eye mask are helpful for light sleepers. A travel hammock can be used to relax on outside decks during sailings. A day pack is handy for outings and printed photos make your cabin seem more like home.

Now you’re ready for the greatest adventure of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing!

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