Beirut, Lebanon :: Scandinavian crewmembers serving cultural Christmas foods at Christmas event.

Christmas around the world

Beirut, Lebanon :: Logos Hope crewmembers share their Christmas traditions from home through cultural events on board.

Christmas is a very special time for many people across the globe, and this is no exception for Logos Hope crewmembers. Perhaps the most unique celebrations on board are Christmas events led by crewmembers. They showcase Logos Hope’s cultural variety through an array of Christmas traditions from Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, and North America, Europe and Oceania.

Abigail (Zimbabwe), the organiser of the African and Caribbean Christmas event, said, “I thought, what is something that I really miss about celebrating at home and how can I bring that to Logos Hope? There’s a lot of dancing, a lot of singing, and just a lot of celebrating. It’s a joyous atmosphere. I wanted to bring that to the event.”

Crewmembers share and learn about each other’s cultures throughout these Christmas events. Wise (Indonesia) said, “Many people open their homes to eat traditional food together, like Lemang, which is rice cooked in banana leaves and bamboo. The governor of my city also opens government house on Christmas Day for anyone to visit.”

Kleicy (Brazil) said, “On Christmas Eve, everyone will go to the beach in the morning, then come home and cook or barbeque for the rest of the day. We spend all night cooking, eating, talking, then we do it all again on Christmas Day.”

Miranda (US) said, “In my hometown, we have live nativity scenes. We’ll have donkeys, camels, Mary and Joseph, the whole thing! Snacks and hot chocolate are often served too.”

Nico (Argentina) said, “We always have Mantecol at Christmas. It is like a block of peanut butter.”

Arione (Curaçao) said, “Fireworks and twinkle lights are popular during the Christmas season.”

Eduard (Romania) said, “We go carolling! We go from one side of the city to the other, knocking on doors to perform songs or poems. Some people also wear traditional or elaborate costumes”

Shekinah (India) said, “Decorations come out and it’s beautiful! Usually there is a midnight church service. We make a lot of sweets for neighbours and friends and cook something special.”

Though crewmembers’ cultures and traditions vary, they are all united by the true meaning of Christmas. Is there someone YOU can ask about their Christmas traditions and share your own with them, and share the real reason for the season?

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