A miraculous meeting

Willemstad, Curaçao :: When a local woman gives a crewmember a lift in the rain, they realise God had a reason for their encounter.

Using her last opportunity to get some local shopping supplies in Curaçao before Logos Hope departed the island, Ulyana Makarova (Russia) decided to walk to downtown Willemstad.

Halfway along the route, it started to rain heavily. To Ulyana’s surprise, a car stopped and the driver offered her a lift. Gratefully accepting the woman’s kindness, Ulyana got in and the two chatted on their journey. Naturally, the local woman, Gloria, wanted to know what had brought someone from so far away to the island.

When Ulyana explained that she is part of Logos Hope’s crew, Gloria’s eyes filled with tears and she exclaimed: “This is a miracle from God!" Gloria explained that her 18-year-old grandson had just joined the ship a few days earlier as a short-term volunteer and that he was currently in isolation before he could integrate with the community, as a precaution against coronavirus. His grandmother had been very worried, to the point of not being able to sleep.  

“When Gloria shared her worries, I understood why God brought us together,” says Ulyana. “God heard and cared about her cries and I could tell her more about the ship to ease her fears. We talked for more than two hours and afterwards, Gloria felt better about her grandson leaving the island to be part of our ministry.

“God showed me that He really cares for us and that He wants to meet every need. I feel it was a miracle. Because it rained, the lady stopped her car and we met on my last day in Curaçao. That is how God works. If something is important to us, it’s important to Him as well. For Him, nothing concerning us is too unimportant.”

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