Beirut, Lebanon :: Logos Hope docks in the Port of Beirut.

Beirut, Lebanon :: Crewmembers look forward to 2023 with its many connections and experiences ready to enjoy.

As Logos Hope crewmembers reflect on the year that has passed, they welcome the year that is to come with open arms. Full of fresh potential, new beginnings and renewed hope, they hold on to precious memories of the past, but look forward to what is ahead.

Logos Hope is headed to a new region, the Middle East. It has been ten years since Logos Hope last visited the Arab world. It will be the first stay in the area for many crewmembers, for others it will be a return visit, but all are excited to experience the hospitality and friendliness of the local people.

For Dennis (Ecuador) it will be his first time visiting the Arabian Peninsula. “I know there will be plenty of opportunities to share knowledge, help and hope and to get to know different cultures, traditions and the history of the people. I enjoy when the people come on board, but I especially love it when we go to be with people in their homes. Every opportunity we have to partner with local organisations helps us see how the local people are so good at welcoming us. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I want to invest my time to get to know more people and to listen to their stories.”

Sarang (South Korea) was on board during Logos Hope’s last visit to the Middle East, but this time he is returning with his wife and two sons. He said, “Back then, I was working in the bookfair. Many people would come and share their experiences with me. I remember the hospitality and the kindness of the people. I thought I was there to serve, but they served me so much. This time I am hoping to serve them even more. I want my sons to experience that, how to love others. I think it’s just a good time for them as they grow up.”

With so much to be excited about in 2023, Logos Hope crewmembers look forward with anticipation at what is to come. Please pray for meaningful connections and fruitful partnerships throughout 2023.

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