Be an ambassador

drive others to the moon

Your passion is contagious

Nobody can impact your friends like you can

Help others catch the vision.  Start conversations about why we need help. Build a base of volunteers and supporters who will go on to live out love toward everyone they know.

Our ambassadors have one thing in common: They believe in our mission, goals, and values, and they're willing to share it with others. We want to help you talk about the causes you already support and the life you're already called to live.

Where to begin

We want you to know us like family. The better you know what we're about, the more easily you can talk about us with others. Visit our about pages to begin.


Who can be an ambassador?

Are you concerned that 39% of the world’s 7.7 billion people have never heard the gospel or experienced Christ’s love through the life of a believer and that this number increases by around 60,000 each day?
Then you're ready to be an ambassador.



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Social Media

You don't need 15,000 followers to make an impact. You just need to have an engaged group of people who are also willing to spread the word.

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Networking or Speaking Engagements

You don't have to be comfortable sharing 24/7. Share the message in a way that's comfortable for you. You could represent us at networking or fundraising events, conferences, or wherever people are engaged.

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Blog Posts

Are you already blogging or interested in blogging? Would you link back to our website? Not only would this help increase our presence among your network, but the linking will get Google's attention too. 

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