Day 5: Power

On Day 5, we looked at 'Power.' Our words have the power to hurt and destroy as well as encourage and build up. Jesus' words give joy, life, peace, hope and purpose to those who believe Him.

Day 5 of TeenStreet (TS) covered a very applicable topic: Power! Specifically, we looked at the power of words. Ron started the morning off by talking about someone Who spoke very powerful words.

“The words of God have power. He would speak, and people would be healed.”

In the book of Revelation, John met Jesus in a vision. John records that His voice was like a trumpet and rushing waters. For those who have stood beside a waterfall, you know what kind of roar the rushing waters make. It’s a powerful sound, and that’s an apt description of the power of God’s words.

Of all the words God has spoken, Ron shared, there are three which are the most powerful. “It is finished.”

“The words we speak to each other are powerful,” Ron continued, switching from God's words to our own.

Rich warned the teens that our words carry a lot of weight. They have the power to hurt and destroy, or encourage and build up. In the Bible, James 3 talks about controlling the tongue. As Rich paraphrased it: “An uncontrolled tongue can set your whole life on fire.”

We’ve all been damaged by words at some point in our lives, but our words to each other can also bring life, truth and grace. We need to admit that we are weak and ask God to help us control our tongue.

When was the last time you were encouraged by something someone said to you? How have you been blessed by words?

Cecil interviewed Saskia in the Inspired Café on stage. A few years ago, someone at TS told her that they saw leadership potential in her. It didn’t mean anything at the time, but this year she’s in charge of the Art Zone. “I’ve had a huge heart for the Art Zone,” Sasika said, “and I had no idea that God would use me in this way.”

For Saskia, Hebrews 3:4 greatly encouraged her. “For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.” (ESV) Saskia recognised that God is the builder of everything and that she should give all the glory to God for all that He does through her.

Rachel gave these powerful words of encouragement: Jesus’ words give life, and we have His words available to us every day. We also have an enemy who tells us lies that he wants us to believe. The dance team gave a powerful performance for what that looks like.

“What words are you believing about yourself?” Rachel asked the group. “Are there words you’ve believed so much that they’ve become part of your identity? God’s words give joy, life, peace, hope and purpose.”

We need to believe HIS words for our life. He wants to take the lies we’re believing and replace them with truth.

What the teens heard

“If we didn’t have the positive power of words, I couldn’t keep going in my life. When I am with my family and we pray–it is big for me. Because when you pray, you feel like you are surrounded by God’s power. It gives me strength.” – Angelina (17, Greece)

“Sometimes when you say a small thing and you didn’t think you hurt anyone it might really hurt that person inside.” – David (13, UK)

“The dance was inspiring. No matter how strong your demons, God is stronger.” – Valeri (17, Bulgaria)

“I’m inspired that God can use someone’s art to help lead other people.” – Stefan (14, Bulgaria)

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