The 'Mother of the World'

The 'Mother of the World'


Known as the 'Mother of the World,' Egypt’s nickname acknowledges its ancient history and role in civilisation. Public discontent, based on sub-par living conditions and few job opportunities for average Egyptians, largely contributed to the country’s 2011 revolution. As Egypt continually changes, God is also changing hearts and lives.

How you can help

  • PRAY — Pray that new believers would share His love with their communities and begin to study His Word together. Pray for more workers to serve in Egypt, and pray for Egyptian churches to catch the vision of reaching out to non-believers. Pray for the protection of current workers in the country, especially those who work among non-believing populations.
  • GIVE — Give to help support the work of OM in Egypt at http://www.om.org/en/give. Please join us in equipping the church in Egypt to help fulfill the Great Commission!
  • GO — See open job opportunities for Egypt. Contact us at [personnel.eg@om.org] or visit http://www.om.org/en/opportunities.

More information about Egypt

  • Population: 104,124,440 (July 2020 est.)
  • Official Language: Arabic
  • Religious Make-Up: Muslim 90%, Christian (majority Coptic Orthodox) 10%
  • State of Economy: Most of Egypt’s economic activity occurs along the Nile Valley. However, with this fertile region framed by desert, agriculture accounts for only 14.5% of Egypt’s GDP. Since Egypt’s 2011 revolution, political uncertainty and on-going security concerns have weakened other industries and services, including tourism.
  • State of the church: The majority of Egypt’s churches are Coptic Orthodox. Other traditional Christian groups include Armenian Apostolic, Catholic, Maronite and Anglican. The Bible Society, Christian publishing houses and Christian TV and radio channels encourage Egyptian believers, who exist amidst an Islam-controlled legal and education system. Believers from Muslim backgrounds generally meet in small house groups, receiving periodic encouragement and discipleship from local workers.

*Stats taken from The World Factbook, accessed 27 April 2020 (www.cia.gov)