Kingdom-building (not empire-building) partnerships enabled through an extensive network in over 110 countries as well as specialised missions training at home and on the field have helped OM Singapore bridge the gap between churches and missions over these past 10 years. The missions scene in Singapore remains very dynamic today!

In the 1970s, OM Singapore was formed to recruit people into cross-cultural missions. Since then, many people who have been sent out with OM have become pastors and ministry leaders in the local and international Christian community. Till today, OM Singapore continues to be intentional about partnering with churches to mobilise and equip believers for global and local missions.

OM Singapore is passionate about:

  • Praying to seek the heart of God and intercede for the nations.
  • Supporting the work of OM’s International Director, Lawrence Tong, and his team based in Singapore.
  • Mobilising church groups, short and long-term workers to go on missions to share the gospel with communities in over 110 OM fields worldwide.
  • Mobilising volunteers to reach out to under-served communities in Singapore – the elderly and needy, streetwalkers and migrant workers – through befriending them, caring for their needs and sharing God’s love with them.
  • Channelling resources to support OM workers, fields and projects, such as refugee crisis relief, natural disaster relief and social development projects.

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  • Pray for the Singapore Church to love Christ and His mission and send many people to share the gospel with others.
  • Pray for Singapore missionaries to reach the ends of the world with the good news of salvation.
  • Pray for God to raise new generations to follow Jesus in all they do.

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Volunteer with OM Singapore in global and local missions:

  • Global Missions: Go on mission with God, joining our teams to OM’s 110 fields overseas. View opportunities at
  • Local Missions: Participate in our local outreach work amongst the poor, needy, streetwalkers and migrant workers in Singapore. To find out more, write to

OM Mercy Teams International (MTI)

Mercy Teams International (MTI) is a ministry of Operation Mobilisation. Established in 2002, OM MTI is a Christian humanitarian organisation working amongst the poor and marginalised in Southeast Asia, namely Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Thailand-Myanmar Border. OM MTI partners with local churches and communities to share the hope of God and support change against poverty and oppression.

OM MTI's work includes:

  • childhood education
  • vocational training and social enterprise for adults or youths
  • child and family sponsorship
  • social and family development
  • community health
  • emergency and disaster relief
  • rural development

With the help of volunteer doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, occupational therapists, builders, construction workers and other professionals, MTI seeks to reduce suffering and oppression amongst the poor and needy through the practical demonstration of God’s love and compassion.


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Offer your talents and time by volunteering with OM MTI, joining MTI teams or visiting MTI’s project fields to share the hope of Christ and support change in the lives of MTI’s beneficiaries.

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More information about Singapore

  • Population: 5.3 million (2013)
  • Official language: English, Malay, Tamil, Standard Mandarin
  • State of economy: Singapore has a highly developed trade-oriented market economy. It was ranked as the country with the highest per capita gross income (2011).
  • Religious make-up: 33.3% Buddhism, 18.3% Christianity, 14.7% Islam, 10.9% Taoism, 5.1% Hinduism, 0.7% Others, 17% non-religious
  • State of the church: There is freedom of religion practised in Singapore but the goal of preserving ethnic and religious harmony resulted in the legislation against action or speech that would threaten such harmony.
  • Personality of the culture/people: The population of Singapore is a melting pot of ethnic groups, consisting mainly of 74.2% Chinese, 13.3% Malay, 9.2% Indians, 3.3% people of other descent. Though each of these racial groups remains distinctive, they share and celebrate other cultures too. Singapore’s unique society is defined by a sense of diligence characteristic of Asian cultures, a diversity of skills, and a strict western constitution based on sound principles and a disciplined approach towards all spheres of life.
  • Spiritual needs: As the country places increasing emphasis on performance and wealth, continued prayer is needed for the preservation of the moral fabric of Singapore society – the political system, the family unit, and the young generation. There is also a need for churches to develop an effective response towards addressing increasing social concerns and mobilise workers to effectively reach those who have not yet heard about the love of Jesus.

Our Stories

Various special snacks and dishes are traditionally served for Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Chinese New Year.
The celebration of Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year (CNY), starts with a ‘reunion dinner,’ where every family member returns home to share the final meal of the year together. However, OM in Singapore has some friends who are unable to do so — they work in the red-light district, and many are estranged from their families. This year the OM team invited these friends for reunion meals with them.
Worship on the river boat is an integral part of life.  Photo by Garrett N
Initially hesitating to join the mission field due to a good career and comfort, Flora found unexpected blessings as she stepped out in faith to serve God.