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We pray for people. We talk to people. We share God's love with people.
We believe that you can do these things too.

Our heart is to inspire you to discover and embrace God's heart for the world and to equip you with tools to help you grow, share God’s love with people who don’t know it and inspire others to do the same.

Stories of Living Out Love

“Missions is one way we serve Him,” she said. “We can serve Him wherever He would choose to send us, to children, at home with your family…I would say seek His face so that you will know that you are doing what He wants," says Tewana from Trinidad and Tob
„Mission ist eine Art, wie wir Gott dienen können“, so Tewana. „Wir können ihm dienen, wo auch immer er uns hinführt, zu Kindern, zu Hause in unserer Familie … Ich würde sagen: Suche seine Nähe, damit du erfährst, ob du tust, was er will.“
Freetown, Sierra Leone :: CEO Seelan Govender (South Africa) on board Logos Hope.
„Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass alle Kulturen von Gott geschaffen sind“, bezeugt Seelan Govender und erklärt, wie er noch immer die Werte in sich trägt, mit denen er aufgewachsen ist.
Heart believes that a large part of living a life centred on the gospel is the willingness to lay down her own desires as a sacrifice before God. She compared the idea to the story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice his only son Issacc, when God asked
Heart ist davon überzeugt, dass ein großer Teil eines Jesus-zentrierten Lebens darin besteht, bereit zu sein, ihre eigenen Sehnsüchte als Opfer vor Gott hinzulegen.


Many have not heard, many more have not seen

Every nation should have the privilege of seeing and feeling Jesus' love

Our deepest passion is God's glory, that the nations would know and experience His love for themselves. So we commit our lives fully and go, needing no other call.

Pray for the nations

God hears us when we pray according to His will. We see Him working in the lives of our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues as we pray for the needs of those close to us.

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