The small nation of Slovenia lies in south-eastern Central Europe,at the easternmost end of the Alps, and at the very start of the Balkan peninsula. This ex-Yugoslav country has a strong Catholic heritage,but only a tiny number of evangelical believers; many Slovenes hold a post-modern worldview, with no religious faith.

Pioneering in the heart of Europe

Ministry opportunities in Slovenia

Slovenia is at a geographical and cultural crossroads in southern Central Europe, being bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. After WW2, Slovenia was part of Tito’s socialist Yugoslavia, and was always its most prosperous and politically liberal constituent republic. Slovenia declared independence in June 1991, which was achieved almost without bloodshed, in marked contrast to that of Croatia or Bosnia.

Historically, Slovenia has been a Catholic country, with a small Orthodox and Lutheran presence. However many people now identify with secular post-Christian values, or seek spiritual experience through New Age or Eastern religious beliefs.

OM's team in Slovenia partners with a Pentecostal church in the capital Ljubljana, and through their strong online outreach, has built relationships with several nearby communities of Roma people. The Roma are often marginalised from Slovene society, and have a heritage of both Catholicism and 'folk' superstition and witchcraft. But after miraculous healings in one village, many Roma people in the region are turning to Jesus and finding new life in Him, and OM is planting a church amongst them.


How you can get involved:

  • PRAY -
  • for the launch of the new Roma church, and the purchase of two shipping containers to be converted into their church building
  • for discipleship, spiritual growth and protection of these new believers, as they turn from their old mystical practices
  • for effective ways to dsiciple new believers, since many are illiterate
  • for the Gospel to continue to spread amongst the Roma communities by word of mouth and social media
  • for strength, wisdom and protection for the OM team as they lead the new Roma church, and become fluent in the Slovene language.

 More information about Slovenia

  • Population:  2 million.
  • Official languages:  Slovenian
  • State of economy:  Economic and political progress was rapid throughout the 1990s, leading to membership of the European Union and NATO in 2004 – the first former Yugoslav republic to do so. Slovenia joined the Eurozone in 2007 but its export-focused economy was badly hit by the European financial crisis of 2012. Government plans for austerity measures were greeted by mass protests and recovery is slow.
  • Religious make-up: 57.8% Catholic; 26% undecided/unstated; 10% atheist; 2.4% Muslim, 2.2% Orthodox; 0.1% Evangelical.  
  • State of the church:  There are fewer than 2000 evangelical believers in the country, with almost 90% of municipalities lacking an evangelical presence.

Our Stories

Bonfire used to destroy occult items
Rodrigo and Daiane from Brazil serve with a church in Slovenia, whose gospel podcasts reach many people for the first time, including a young mother from a marginalised Roma village. After her disabled child is miraculously healed, many Roma people abandon occultic folk traditions to follow Jesus. Now a church is being planted among them.