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With strong focus on evangelism and distribution of Gospel materials, OM teams have been working in the Near East Field - Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq - for over 50 years to see communities of Muslims come to love, worship, and serve God. During the past 20 years, planting churches, discipling new believers, leading Discovery Bible Studies, mobilizing the local church, and facilitating relief work have also become integral aspects of ministry. The on-field support team helps maintain healthy, effective long-term workers. Regular prayer walks and prayer meetings proclaim workers’ dependence on the Holy Spirit to sweep across the region with power, stirring hearts to receive the message of God’s love and hope through Jesus Christ.

Ministry opportunities in the Near East Field

Church Planting: Vast areas of the Near East have no Gospel witness. OM Near East Field seeks to send teams to unreached communities and identify those who are open to spiritual truth and able to be discipled as cultural ambassadors and future leaders of reproducing indigenous churches.

Mobilizing the Arab Church: Cultural religious boundaries and an attitude of distrust have long prevented Arab believers from investing in ministry to Muslims. With current events forcing groups to relocate and intermingle, thus bringing waves of unreached people into close proximity to believers, local churches have new opportunity to be the visible presence of Christ within their own communities. OM Near East Field seeks to provide the resources and training necessary for these believers to care for their neighbours and engage them with the Gospel.

Evangelism: Seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers is the mission of OM’s ministry in the Near East Field. Gospel literature distribution, intentional location-based living, hospitality and Discovery Bible Studies provide avenues for workers to invest in the community. 

Training and Leadership Development: OM Near East offers ongoing training opportunities for workers as well as specialized programmes designed to mobilize local pastors and new believers from Muslim and Christian backgrounds. OM Near East also conducts an in-depth 2-year training programme for new team members joining the field.

Communications: In a world where war and terrorism splash across front-page headlines and primetime news, OM Near East Communications tells stories that show another side of the picture. Long-term communications facilitators and short-term communications interns serve together to create high quality photography, videos, and written stories portraying the work God is doing across the Arab world.

Learning Arabic: Learning the heart language of locals is intrinsic to effective Gospel witness. The Near East Field offers a variety of language learning options, ranging from formal classrooms to private tutors to GPA (Growing Participator Approach).

Video: Learning Arabic

How you can help


pray Pray for the Spirit of God to move across the Near East Field, sparking a rich harvest of spiritually interested people. Pray for Jordan to maintain peace amidst conflicts in neighbouring countries. Pray for the local church and believers to be mobilized to lead efforts in relief and evangelism.


give Support the work of the OM Near East Field at http://www.om.org/en/give. Join us in equipping the local church to help fulfil the Great Commission!


go See open job opportunities for the OM Near East Field. Contact personnel.neast@om.org or visit http://www.om.org/en/opportunities.


More information about Jordan

  • Population: 7,930,491 (July 2014 est.)
  • Official Language: Arabic (official)
  • Religious Make-Up: Muslim 97.2% (predominantly Sunni), Christian 2.2%
  • State of Economy: With one of the smallest economies in the Middle East, Jordan struggles to provide adequate supplies of water, oil, and other natural resources to its citizens. In the past three years, the government has approved a handful of relief and budgetary supplement packages meant to improve living conditions for low and middle class Jordanians. However, the country continues to rely heavily on foreign assistance, especially as a continued influx of Syrian refugees affects expenditures.
  • State of the church: Evangelical believers in Jordan comprise less than .1% of the population. Small fellowships of Muslim background believers have begun to develop. Large areas of the country have no groups of believers gathering in them.

*Stats from The World Factbook (www.cia.gov)

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