Praying for revival in the cradle of Christianity

Praying for revival in the cradle of Christianity 


Modern Tunisians are the descendents of indigenous Berbers and people from numerous civilizations that have invaded or migrated to Tunisia.

The Church fathers - Saint Augustine, Tertullian and Cyprian - developed Christian theology in modern day Tunisia 2000 years ago. Tertullian stated, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." Believers, including Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicitas, were martyred in Carthage (Tunis).

After the Muslim conquest, Tunisia became a center of Arab culture and learning and was assimilated into the Turkish Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.

Tunisia was a French protectorate from 1881 to 1956, until it became a republic in 1957. The "Arab Spring" began in Tunisia in 2011, when the president was overthrown. The ensuing democratically elected caretaker government was replaced by the current government on 23 October 2014.  

Ministry opportunities in Tunisia

Friendship Evangelism: Young adults are reaching locals with the message of Jesus, role modeling Christian living, attitudes and values.

Short-term trips: Prayer walking teams visit Christian and other historic sites throughout the country while taking opportunities to share the Bible when appropriate.

Church Partnership: Long-term workers seek to train local believers to lead self-sustaining indigenous churches. Workers seek to encourage and uplift leaders and their fellowships.

Learning Arabic: Learning the heart language of the people is intrinsic to effective ministry. The field offers a variety of language learning options, ranging from formal classrooms to private tutors to GPA (Growing Participator Approach).

Video: OM Tunisia Overview 2015

How you can help


Pray for the Spirit of God to move across Tunisia, sparking a rich harvest of spiritually interested people. Pray for Tunisia to maintain peace amidst conflicts in neighbouring countries. Pray for more local believers to follow up with seekers who have questions prompted from Christian Internet outreach sites.


Give to help support the work of OM in Tunisia through Christian literature, theological study materials, media, etc.


Email personnel.mena@om.org to learn about job opportunities in Tunisia and North Africa.

More information about Tunisia

  • Population: 11 million
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Berber (Tamazight)
  • Ethnic Groups: Arab 98%, Jewish, European and other 2%
  • Religious Make-Up: Sunni Muslim 99%, other (includes Christian, Jewish, Shia Muslim, and Baha'i) 1%. Islam is the constitutionally recognized state religion, but other religions are free to practice and worship in Tunisia. 

*Stats from The World Factbook (www.cia.gov)