Our history

When college student George Verwer and his two friends journeyed to Mexico to share Christ’s love in 1957, the response was overwhelming.

The young men subsequently opened a Christian bookshop and launched Christian radio broadcasts there. As the friends expanded their reach to Europe, they proclaimed the great truth that God uses His people to reach the nations. Christians rose in response, and OM was born.




Mrs. Clapp’s son gave the Gospel of John to one of the students, who later gave his life to the Lord at a Billy Graham meeting. That young man was George Verwer, the founder and International Director of Operation Mobilisation. At college, George and two friends met regularly to pray. They became burdened by the spiritual needs of Mexico.


Literature is distributed from a van in 1960 Spain



The three friends sold some of their possessions to raise money and gave up their summer holiday to distribute Gospels and other Christian literature in Mexico. The friends returned to Mexico the following summer and the next.


When they graduated, George and his friends traveled to Europe. They began work in Spain, sharing the Gospel and distributing literature. But the task of reaching the whole of Europe seemed overwhelming. George and his small team realised that God’s plan was to mobilise His Church to reach the nations. As they began to share their vision, hundreds of Christians responded. So a movement called Send the Light was born.


OM team in the late 1960s



2,000 Christians had joined summer outreach teams in Europe. At the same time, teams moved into the Indian sub-continent and the Muslim world. Their commitment was to reach those who had never heard the Gospel.


Ministry begins spreading around the globe via the Logos ship in 1970 and the Doulos ship in 1977.


Chinese officials onboard Logos in Shanghai



Send the Light officially changes its name to Operation Mobilisation.


OM celebrates 50 years!



Over the decades, our commitment to those who do not know God’s love has translated into a multitude of ways to share God’s love—from ministries serving refugees and the vulnerable, to international youth events and Christian art programs, to a ship that travels the world to share His love and serve communities in need. We strive to creatively shine the light of Christ in all we say and do, so that His love may reach the farthest corners of the world.

Our leadership

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Successfully stewarding a multi-national organisation with an extraordinary vision requires leaders committed to excellence, innovation and servant leadership. OM is blessed with a dedicated team of executives and board members who exhibit these qualities.

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