South Sudan

Building the world’s youngest nation

Building the world’s youngest nation

South Sudan

The world’s youngest nation, the Republic of South Sudan was established in 2011. Yet for over 30 years, nationals have carried out OM’s ministries in the Sudan, including evangelizing unreached peoples, discipling new believers, and supporting local churches. OM team members are rejoicing over the growing church in South Sudan. However, the country faces internal conflict, in addition to instability near the Sudanese border.

Ministry opportunities in South Sudan

OM South Sudan, in partnership with local churches, endeavours to disciple and raise workers to see lives and communities transformed locally and among the nations. OM South Sudan has set the following goals:

  • Submit to God
  • Sow the seeds of the Gospel
  • See labourers raised 
  • Support and partner with local churches
  • Seek to help the physical and practical needs of people in the country when necessary

Evangelism: OM South Sudan recognizes its responsibility to spread seeds of truth throughout surrounding communities. Outreach venues include facilitating Christian book exhibitions, befriending neighbors, visiting prisons, and conducting Bible correspondence courses.

Discipleship: When people show spiritual interest, OM South Sudan seeks to follow-up with these contacts and provide opportunities for continued growth. Bible studies at local churches and inter-faith dialogue training classes give new believers a chance to dig deeper into the truths of God’s word.

Church Partnership: OM South Sudan helps equip local churches to build up believers by organizing training conferences for leaders, Sunday school teachers, and women, leading summer Bible schools for children, and teaching in Bible schools.

Team Building: Dynamic groups of committed locals are the heartbeat of OM South Sudan. The ministry schedules regular prayer meetings, prayer emphasis days, study programmes, retreats, and team days in order to refresh, challenge and encourage workers.

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How you can help


Pray for national workers to receive encouragement and financial support as they seek to build God’s kingdom at this strategic time in South Sudan’s history. Pray for continued religious freedom in South Sudan and that conflict near the Sudanese border would not spread. South Sudanese nationals often suffer from Malaria; pray that workers would remain healthy.


Give to help support the work of OM in South Sudan at Please join us in equipping the church in South Sudan to help fulfill the Great Commission!


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More information about South Sudan

  • Population: 11,562,695 (July 2014 est.)
  • Official Language: English (official), Arabic
  • Religious Make-Up: Animist, Christian
  • State of Economy: South Sudan faces widespread poverty linked to its weak, underdeveloped industry and infrastructure, resulting from decades of civil war with Sudan. Almost 98% of budget revenues come from oil, which is exported through two pipelines running through Sudan to the Red Sea. Lack of jobs and training opportunities, ingrained war culture, tribalism, vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, and high levels of illiteracy challenge the South Sudanese, especially women and children, who are often victims of violence, poverty, rape, slavery, and human trafficking.
  • State of the church: The South Sudanese church is growing rapidly in numbers due to religious freedom and a mass population movement from north to south. The majority of South Sudanese Christians belong to Catholic and Anglican churches, though other denominations are also active. Due to the tribal animist environment, there is risk of new believers adopting syncretistic practices, blending animist beliefs with Christian truths.

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In a nation filled with tribal tension, OM works toward reconciliation through youth conferences, relief outreaches and a bookshop filled with Bibles.