Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has a population of about 56 million, of which over 80% consider themselves Buddhists and 8,98% Christian (5% Evangelical). OM works in Myanmar in partnership with MTI and ACT.


 “A country in Transition needing Transformation”

OM began its work in Myanmar in 1995 with a Burmese/Hong Kong couple who returned from working on the Doulos to begin the work in Myanmar.  As Myanmar was a secure country, they began an English centre to begin to form relationships with Burmese people and also several kindergartens, some of the first in the country.  We have grown quite a bit since then and are excited to see what God will do as the country opens up. 

OM Myanmar aims to proclaim the gospel to unreached people, equip local churches for ministry, and provide opportunities for nationals and international believers to be partners of the gospel and mercy ministries.  We do this in different ways!

Ministry Opportunities:

MEC Education Center – This is where we interact with students from different religious backgrounds and through English teaching develop relationships where we are able to share our faith. 

MEC Kindergartens - OM Myanmar currently has 3 kindergartens where we work within different poor and slum communities to educate children and work with families from difficult backgrounds.

Orphanages - We partner with several orphanages and commit to providing them with essentials and doing programmes with them to build relationships with the children and show Jesus’ love!

SportsLink - We are part of one of the national football teams in Myanmar and share with players about our faith.  Sportslink also travels throughout the country doing programmes in different churches to train leaders in how to use sports to reach their communities.  As well as how to use sports to make the church a more unified body of Christ.

Business 4 Transformation - B4T is a very exciting work that involves working with different church pastors and poor Christians to help their business become self sustaining and profitable. 

How you can get involved:


  • Pray for the country as the government changes.  There are many ethnic conflicts and people are very, very poor.  Please pray the country can improve with new government leadership.
  • Pray for mobilization of the local church.  That local Christians would be passionate about seeing their own people come to know Jesus and not stay confined to their own ethnic group.
  • Pray for the growth of OM Myanmar.  That people would join our team who are passionate to see Jesus made known here.

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More information about Myanmar:

o   Population: 53.26 million people

o   Religious make up:  90% Buddhist,  4% Muslim, 2% Hindu, 2% Animist, 2% Christian

o   Historically Myanmar, (Burma), was the main trade route between India and China and was therefore very prosperous.  After being conquered by the British it became the wealthiest country in South East Asia.  In 1962 the governments poorly thought through economic plans turned the country into one of the worlds poorest.

In 1987 Myanmar was given least developed country status by the UN.  Incredibly undeveloped, Myanmar is still one of the poorest countries in the world.  Many have no electricity, no access to health care, and work day-to-day for their daily food.  Things look to be improving recently and we hope that the Myanmar economy will continue to improve.